Sandra Galada

Friday, December 13, 2013

Twenty alcoholics cleaned the streets of Amsterdam for beer

In the Netherlands, a controversial project Rainbow Foundation has decided to hire a group consisting of 20 chronic alcoholics. Its function is to clean the streets in exchange for a modest sum of money , some food and her main motivation : five cans of beer.

As reported by AFP , Gerrie Holterman , Rainbow Foundation representative agency says that keeping busy keeps addicts cause riots or fights . So, from a pragmatic point of view , it works.
the method
The 20 participants are divided into two groups. Everyone works three days a week cleaning the streets of Amsterdam.
Meanwhile , the drinks are dosed throughout the day : receive two in the morning (and if they wish , with some coffee ), two at noon ( with lunch ) and one at the end of the day, to 3:30 pm
Several of the ' workers ' were satisfied with the initiative, while not denying that at the end of workday spent his modest pay ( $ 13.50 ) more alcohol.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trend 2013: Wedding dresses simple

The wedding dresses with simple cuts and straight lines seem to be a trend that is very popular in the coming year 2013.
Generally we are used to seeing brides dresses full skirts, layers of tulle that give depth and embroidered details that add even more attractive ... dresses that become the star of the whole.

But this time, collections of wedding dresses 2013 have dropped a bit as sumptuous these designs to make room for a lot of designs simple wedding dresses.

These dresses perfectly representing purity. Although not as detailed as the oldest dresses, the beauty of simplicity is a phrase that can sum all its appeal.
This type of clothing allows both the hairstyle and makeup also have the prominence they deserve.

Minimalism is a trend that has revolutionized the concept of interior design, but not only is out there but also has moved into fashion world today give rise to these simple wedding dresses even with all its simplicity, never pass unnoticed.